Brewery Raiskuma labumu darītava

Self-made beer. Self-baked sour bread. Traditional meat smoked in alder. Butter pastry biscuits. Simple and genuine rural charm.

Brewery “Raiskumietis”, established in an old manor barn, uses real wood for brewing, smoking meat and baking bread, as our ancestors did for many centuries. Everything made on a wood stove tastes better. Flames, crackling logs and the smell of smoke do an excellent job.

“Raiskumietis” makes three types of beer. The taste of light and dark beer has a character, without being thinned or filtered. Dark and rich, suitable to the liking of real men. This beer is almost like food. Its pure taste is also attributable to clean spring water, barley malt, hops and oak tubs. Gas is added to beer, whereas the thick, mild foam forms due to natural fermentation. The aromatic, sweet cherry beer is fancied more by the ladies. There is a legend that the owner of that time from the Livonian Baltic German Vegesack family, information about which can be found as early as the 15th century, started brewing beer using clear spring water 200 years ago.

Good beer sparks appetite. “Raiskumietis” offers to satisfy your appetite with self-baked bread and alder smoked, juicy Latvian pork or chicken. Rye bread and sour bread are baked in a genuine bread oven from deeply hand-kneaded, long fermented dough. Seeds or dried fruits are sometimes added to the bread.

After a hearty meal, you can snack with self-baked biscuits. “Raiskumietis” doesn’t care about calories – we cook real food. Biscuits are made of fresh butter, oats, cheese and spices, and they are fragile and crisp.

A tour with tasting at “Raiskumietis” lasts about an hour and a half. It must be booked in advance. In warm weather, tables are set on the summer terrace to enjoy bird songs and fresh air.